BACKSTORY: Disneyland is one of my favorite theme parks to visit. Below, you will find alphabetical links that will take you to photo pages featuring vintage (that I have collected over the years) and current images (shot by yours truly) of each area of the park. The dates in red let you know what pages are either new or have been recently updated.

Adventureland 1/24

Adventureland (WDW)

Adventureland Bazaar

Adventure Thru Inner Space

Aerial Photos

Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular

Aladdin’s Oasis in Adventureland

Alice in Wonderland attraction 2/18

Alpine Gardens (see Ariel’s Grotto)

America Sings

America The Beautiful (see Circarama)

Animal Kingdom (WDW)

Ariel’s Grotto

Ariel’s Grotto (DCA Restaurant)

Art Corner/ Art of Animation (DLAND)

Art of Animation (DCA

Astro Orbiter/Astrojets

Aunt Jemima’s Kitchen 1/15


Bank of America/Bank of Main St. 6/18

Bear/Critter Country

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Ranch

Big Top Toys

Billy Hill & The Hillbillies

Black Bart & Sheriff Lucky 6/24

Blue Bayou Restaurant

Blue Ribbon Bakery (see Center St., West)

Blue Sky Cellar Preview Center

Book & Candle Shop

Boudin Bakery (DCA)

Brochures, Maps, & Tickets

Brown Derby Restaurant (WDW)

Buena Vista St.

A Bug’s Land

Burning Cabin

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

The Cadaver Dans

Café Orléans/Creole Café

California Adventure (see Disney California Adventure)

Candlelight Processional


Candy Palace

Captain EO

Carnation CafÉ

Carnation Plaza Gardens

Carousel of Progress

Carousel of Progress (WDW)

Carolwood/Lilly Belle

Carrousel (see King Arthur's Carrousel)

Cars Land

Carthay Circle Theater Restaurant

Casa de Fritos

Cascade Peak

Casey Jr. Circus Train 6/13

Castle Rock (see Tom Sawyer’s Island)

Celebration BBQ

Celebrities at Disneyland 9/12

Center Street, West

Central Plaza

Characters 6/3

Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship 9/6

Chicken Plantation House


Christmas at Disneyland

Christmas at DCA

Christmas Fantasy Parade

Cinderella Castle (WDW)


City Hall

Clock of the World

Club 33

Club 33 Pg. 2


Coke Corner

Cole of CA (see Coke Corner)

Condor Flats (see Grizzly Peak Airfield)

Conestoga Wagons (see Stagecoach)


Contemporary Hotel (WDW)

Country Bear Jamboree

Country Bear Jamboree (WDW)

Court of Angels

Cozy Cone Motel

Cristal d'Orleans

Critter Country (see Bear Country)

Crystal Arcade


Dairy Bar (Tomorrowland)

Dapper Dans

Dapper Day at Club 33

Dapper Day

Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes (see Canoes)

Delta Ramblers

Walt Disney at Disneyland 6/23

Disney California Adventure

Disney Gallery-NOS

Disney Gallery-Town Square

Disney/Pixar Movies Photos

Disney’s Hollywood Studios (WDW)

Disney Studio

Disneyland Hotel 5/6

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland RR: Main St. 50s

DLRR: Main St. 1960s-Now

DLRR: Frontierland 1950s-70s 5/26

DLRR: Frontierland 2000-Present

DLRR: Fantasyland

DLRR: Tomorrowland/Roundhouse 3/5

DLRR: Tender/Cab Rides

DLRR: Grand Canyon Diorama

DLRR: Primeval World Diorama

Downtown Disney

Dream Suite

Dress Like Walt Event

Dumbo Flying Elephants 5/30

Dutch Boy Paint Gallery

El Capitan Theater

Elias & Co.


Emporium, Main Street

Enchanted Tiki Room

Encyclopaedia Britannica Film Strips

Entrance/Exit Gates 5/16

Entrance, DCA


Fantasy Faire


Fantasyland Autopia (see Midget Autopia)

Fantasyland (WDW)

Fantasmic (DL)

Fantasmic (WDW)

Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Cafe

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Fire Department


Fishing Pier (see Tom Sawyer Island)

Five & Dime Musical Group

Flag Lowering Ceremony

Flight Circle (Tomorrowland)

Flight to the Moon

Flik’s Fun Fair (see A Bug's Land, DCA)

Flo's V-8 Cafe

Flower MKT/W. Center St.

Flying Saucers

Fortune Red

Fortuosity Shop

Fort Wilderness

Forty Pounds of Trouble

Fowler’s Harbor

"Frankenweenie" Exhibit (DCA)

French Market

Frontierland (1955-80s) 9/6

Frontierland (1990s-Now)

Games of the Boardwalk

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour

Ghiradelli's Soda Fountain & Ice Cream Shop

Golden Horseshoe Reunion Event

Golden Horseshoe Saloon 8/18

Golden Horseshoe Revue, Salute To

Gonzalez Trio

Goofy's Flight School/Mulholland Madness

Grand Canyon Diorama (see Disneyland Railroad Diorama)

Grand Californian Hotel

Grand Floridian Hotel (WDW)

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Great Movie Ride (WDW)

Grizzly Peak Airfield

Grizzly River Run

Hall of Presidents (WDW)


Halloween Fireworks

Halloween Roundup

Hatbox Ghost

Haunted Mansion (Disneyland) 6/23

Haunted Mansion (WDW)

Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary Event (Disneyland)

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Heraldry Shoppe

Holiday Hill (see Snow Hill)


Hollywood Land/Pictures Backlot (DCA)

Hoop Dee Doo Revue (WDW)

House of the Future

Hungry Bear Restaurant

Hyperion Theater

Indiana Jones Adventure 7/29

Indiana Jones: Secret of the Stone Tiger Show

Indian Village

Indian War Canoes (see Canoes)


it’s a small world

it’s a small world holiday

it’s a small world (WDW)

The Jazz Lounge (see Salon Nouveau)

Jedi Training Academy

Jingle Cruise

Jolly Holiday Bakery & Cafe 6/12

Jungle Cruise (3 Pages) 8/12

Jungle Cruise (WDW)

Junior Autopia (see Midget Autopia)

Kaiser Aluminum Hall of Fame

Keelboats & Rafts

King Arthur Carrousel & Cafe 7/30

Kodak/NIKON Picture Spot

La Coquette Balloon in Central Plaza

Janet Leigh at Disneyland 8/25

Liberty Square (WDW)

Liberty Street

Lilly Belle

Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure Attraction

The Living Desert (see Nature’s Wonderland)

Lone Ranger Train (DCA)

Luigi's Flying Tires/Rollickin' Roadsters

Mad T Party (DCA)

Mad Hatter-Fantasyland 7/9

Mad Tea Party/Teacups 4/28

Magic Kingdom Club

Magnolia Park Bandstand 9/12

Magnolia Park New Orleans Square

Main Street Cinema 6/4

Main Street Electrical Parade

Main Street Emporium (see Emporium)

Main Street Silhouette Studio (see Silhouette Studio)

Main Street U.S.A.

Main Street U.S.A. (East)

Main Street U.S.A. (West)

Main Street U.S.A. (WDW)

Main Street U.S.A. Shop Diagram

Main Street U.S.A. Windows

Main Street U.S.A. Vehicles

Marceline's Sweet Shop (Downtown Disney)

Mardi Gras (see Tiana’s Mardi Gras Celebration)

Market House

Mark Twain

Matterhorn 1950s-60s 8/25

Matterhorn 1970s-Now

Merlin’s Magic Shop

Mickey Mouse Club Circus

Mickey Mouse House

Mickey’s Toon Town (see Toon Town)

Mickey’s ToonTown Fair (WDW)

Midget Autopia

Minnie's Fly Girls

Minnie Mouse House

Mission to Mars (see Moonliner)

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride 7/12

Monorail (1955-1969) 5/20

Monorail (1970-Now) 5/27

Moonliner 3/9

Monsanto Hall of Chemistry

Monsanto House of the Future (see House of the Future)

Monsters Inc. Attraction

Motor Boat Cruise 2/12

Muppet Vision 3D

Napa Rose

Nature’s Wonderland 9/8

New Orleans Square

New Orleans St. (see Aunt Jemima's)

New Tomorrowland

1901 at DCA

The Nixons @ Disneyland

Off The Page (DCA)

One More Day/Leap Year 2012

Opening Day(s)

Opera House

Pacific Wharf (DCA)

Pack Mules 6/9

Paint the Night Parade


Paradise Garden Grill

Paradise Pier & Hotel

Partners Statue

Parking Lot/Tram

Penny Arcade


Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan’s Flight (WDW)

Petrified Tree 5/1

Phantom Motor Boats (see Motor Boat Cruise)

Pieces of Eight (See Royal Court)

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey

Pirate Arcade (See Royal Court)

Pirate’s Lair at Tom Sawyer Island

Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland, 4 Pages) 6/17

Pirates of the Caribbean, WDW

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Premiere

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Premiere

Pixie Hollow

Plaza Gardens (see Carnation Plaza Gardens)

Plaza Inn

Plaza Pavilion (see Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe)

Polynesian Resort (WDW)

Primeval World Diorama (see Disneyland Railroad)

Princess Tiana’s Mardi Gras Celebration

Radiator Springs Racers

Rainbow Caverns Mine Train (see Nature's Wonderland)

Rainbow Ridge

Rancho del Zocalo

Red Car News Boys

Red Car Trolley

Red Wagon Inn (see Plaza Inn)

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

Reindeer Roundup

Rivers of America

River Belle Terrace

"The Rocketeer"

Rocket Jets

Rocket Rods

Rocket to the Moon (see Moonliner)

Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

Royal Court

Royal Street Bachelors

Le Salon Nouveau at Club 33

Salute to Mexico

Sergeant Preston & Ken-L-Ration Dog Show

Shipyard Inn

Shooting Gallery (Adventureland) 3/10

Shooting Gallery (Frontierland)

Silhouette Studio

Silly Symphony Swings

Silver Banjo Barbecue 1/15

Skull Rock (see Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant)

Skyway 4/14

Sleeping Beauty Castle 1955-1960s

Sleeping Beauty Castle 1970s-Now

Sleeping Beauty Castle Diorama

Smokejumpers Grill

Snow Hill 4/14

Snow White An Enchanted Musical

Snow White 70th Anniversary Event

Snow White’s Wishing Well

Snow White's Scary Adventures 1/28

Snow White's Scary Adventures (WDW)

Soap Opera Bistro

Soarin’ Over California/AROUND THE WORLD

Sorcerer's Workshop

Soundsational Parade

Spaceman & Spacegirl

Space Mountain

Splash Mountain

Stagecoach 4/21

Star Tours/Star Trader

Steakhouse 55

Storybook Land 6/13

Storytellers Cafe

Submarine Voyage

Sunshine Plaza

Sword in the Stone (see King Arthur’s Carrousel)

Tahitian Terrace

Tangaroa Terrace

Tangled Meet & Greet

The Franklyn Taylor collection

Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee (see Princess Tiana’s Mardi Gras Celebration)

Tiki Room (see Enchanted Tiki Room)

Tinker Bell's Toy Shop

Tomorrowland 1955-1966

“New” Tomorrowland 1967-NOW

Tomorrowland Terrace

Tomorrowland (WDW)

Tom Sawyer Island

Toon Town

Tour Guides & Ambassadors

Town Square 1955-1969

Town Square 1970-Now

Toy Story Midway Mania

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar

Treehouse (Swiss Family Robinson/Tarzan)

Treehouse (Swiss Family Robinson–WDW)

20K Tomorrowland Exhibit

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (DCA)

Twiggy @ Disneyland

Upjohn Pharmacy 5/6

Viewliner 7/12

Village Haus

Voices of Liberty (Disneyland)

Walt Disney World, FL

Walt’s Apartment

Walt’s Barn

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Family Museum

Wine Country (DCA)

Winnie the Pooh, Many Adventures of

World of Color

Wurlitzer Shop

Yellowstone Carriage

Yippie Day

Zephyr (CA Adventure)

Zorro at Disneyland