Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters

BACKSTORY (April 8, 2006—Present): Attraction revolves around the attempts of Evil Emperor Zurg to steal the “crystallic fusion cells” used to power the space vehicles of the “Little Green Men.” Guests get into an Omnimover vehicle and become “Star Command” raw recruits sent to defeat Zurg. Each vehicle comes with two laser pistols and a joystick. The pistols are used to shoot laser beams at targets of varying point values. Targets that are hit while lit up will produce higher scores. A digital readout on the dashboard shows the player’s score. The joystick allows 360-degree rotation of the vehicle to assist in aiming. Since Buzz is a toy, the attraction is cleverly scaled to give the illusion that one has just been reduced to the size of an action figure, featuring such detail as giant, exposed Phillips screw heads and an explanation of the interactive phase of the ride that resembles a toy’s instruction sheet on a gigantic scale. An Audio-Animatronic Buzz Lightyear figure and giant Etch-a-Sketch provide explanation of the “mission.” The Buzz Lightyear figure utilizes both the latest AA technology combined with an innovative video rear projection system for Buzz’s face, resulting in one of the most lifelike AA figures in a Disney theme park.