Daveland Photography

Below is an index for my photography and the vintage shots I've collected. The dates in red let you know what pages are new or have been updated. For a quote or to schedule a shoot you can reach me at dvdpicasso@aol.com

PRICING Every photography project is different, which means prices depend on the type of shoot, the location, number of subjects involved, and complexity of the assignment. I offer fair prices to all my clients and discounted rates for non-profits and special organizations that I feel my services could benefit (and the ones that have a special place in my heart).

PAYMENT I ask for half of the rate quoted before the shoot (cash, check, or payment made through Paypal.) The remainder is paid with cash or check on the day of the shoot.

WHAT YOU GET Typically, a photo session will run from 1.5-2 hours. I am not a clock-watcher, though; I shoot until I feel I have captured what the client is looking for. I will take between 200-500 photographs from which I will select what I consider to be the best, yielding approximately 30-50 images that you will be able proof in a web-sized version in a Dropbox folder.

STUDIO vs. LOCATION I do not work in a studio; all of my photography is done on location, as I feel it provides a more meaningful result than something that is artificially contrived in a studio.

RETOUCHING I provide basic image retouching such as blemish control and lighting/color adjustment; more involved retouching can be done at a mutually agreed upon price.

PHOTO PRINT PRICING Most of the photographs that you see on my site are available for purchase, professionally printed in a lab on photographic paper. No cheap ink-jet photos at Daveland! Rare vintage photos may cost more while some can't be reproduced due to copyright restrictions; email me the url/name of the photo(s) you are interested in for a price quote.


The Alamo

Alcatraz State Prison

Irwin Allen Productions

Woody Allen

Ambassador Hotel

Anabella Hotel (Anaheim)


Anaheim Hilton & Convention Ctr.

Angels Flight Railway


Aria Hotel

Arizona Biltmore Hotel

Armstrong Redwoods

Asheville, N.C.


Mary Astor 2/2

Atlanta, GA

Austin, TX


“Back Street,” 1961

Balboa Park, CA

The Balboa Theatre, San Diego


The Barnes Foundation

The Barnsdall Art Park

Batchelder House

Batman (60’s TV Series)

Beaufort, South Carolina

Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Beringer Winery


Beverly Hills, CA

Billboard Awards, 2001

Biltmore Estate, Asheville

Biltmore Hotel, L.A.

Bird Cage Theatre

Bloomington, IN

"The Blue Bird" (1940)

Boathouse Row, Philadelphia

Bodega Bay Area

Bonaventure Cemetery


Bourbon St.

The Bradbury Building

Brandywine, PA

“Breaking Away” (1978

“Breathless” (1983)


Broughton St.

The Brown Derby

Busch Gardens (see Cypress Gardens)


Cabazon Dinosaurs

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Calhoun Square

Calico Ghost Town, CA

California Adventure, CA

Calistoga, CA

Cambria, CA

Cannery Row

Canterbury Hotel (Indianapolis)

Cape Cod

Capri, Italy

Carlsbad (see North County)


Carthay Circle

Catalina, CA

Cedros Shopping District

Cemeteries 12/7

Central Park

Century City

Chamberlain HOTEL

Charleston, SC

Chateau Marmont 3/13

Chateau Marmont Rooms 3/13

Chicago, IL

Chinatown (L.A.) 8/4

Chippewa Square

A Christmas Story House 8/30

Chrysler Building

Cleveland 9/3

Clifton’s Brookdale Cafeteria

Cocoanut Grove Nightclub

Coit Tower

Colonial Cemetery

Colony Hotel

Colony Palms Hotel

Colorado BLVD. Bridge

Columbia State Park

Robert Conrad

The Conspirator


Coronado (see Hotel del Coronado)

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Courtyard Thematic District

Cowles Mountain

Joan Crawford

Crescent Hotel (Beverly Hills)

Crossroads of the World

Cypress & Busch Gardens

Culver City


Dean, James

Del Mar

John Derek

de Young MuseuM


Disney movies

Disney World, FL

Dolls, Disney

Dolls, Gone With The Wind

Dolls, Audrey Hepburn

Dolls, Grace Kelly

Dolls, Jacqueline Kennedy

Dolls, I Love Lucy

Dolls, Madra Lord

Dolls, Gene Marshall 1995-2000

Dolls, Gene Marshall 2001-2005

Dolls, Gene Marshall 2006-2010

Dolls, Gene Marshall Jamieshow

Dolls, Marilyn Monroe

Dolls, Trent Osborn

Dolls, Poppy Parker

Dolls, Elizabeth Taylor

Dolls, Shirley Temple

Dolls, Titanic

Dolls, Robert Tonner

Dolls, Violet Waters

Dolls, Wizard of Oz

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition

Doylestown, PA

Driskill Hotel


El Capitan Theater

El Mirador Apartments

Encinitas (See North County)

Ennis House


Esherick, Wharton Studio


Fairmont Hotel

Fairmount, IN

Farmer’s Daughter Hotel

Farmer's Market/The Grove

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour

Ferndell at Griffith Park

Figueroa Hotel

Fitness Photos

Florence, Italy

Formosa Cafe

Forsyth Park

Fountain Square (Indy)

Fox Studios

Fox Theater, Atlanta

Freeman House

Fremont Street 1/27

French Lick, IN

Ed Fury


Gamble House

Garden of Allah Hotel 3/3

Judy Garland 2/2

Gene Marshall (see Dolls)

Georgian Hotel

Georgian Terrace Hotel



"Gone WIth The Wind" (see Vivien Leigh)

Gone WIth The Wind Dolls (see Dolls)


Grand Canyon

Grand Central Station, NYC

Grand Central Terminal, Glendale

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Grease (1978 movie)

Great Adventure

Greenville, SC

The Grey Restaurant 4/21

Griffith Park/Observatory

Grove/Farmer's Market


The Guggenheim



Hamilton-Turner Inn

Hearst Castle

Tippi Hedren

Heritage Park

Hermosa Beach

Hershey, PA

Jon-Erik Hexum


Hollyhock House

Hollywood, CA 3/21

The Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Boulevard 3/21

Hollywood Canteen

Hollywood Forever 12/7

Hollywood High School

Hollywood Movie Tours

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Hollywood SIgn (see Runyon Canyon)

Hoover Dam

Hotels 1/27

Hotel Menage

Hotel del Coronado

Howard Johnson Hotel (Anaheim)

Rock Hudson

Huntington Beach

Hywet Hall


I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy dolls (see Dolls)

Independence Hall

Indiana University (see Bloomington)

Indianapolis 12/7

Indian Springs Resort, CA



Jackson Square (New Orleans)

Johnson Square (Savannah)

Judson Studios

Jungle Cruise (Disneyland)

Julian (California)


Kenneth Kendall

Kent State University

Key West, FL

Knotts Berry Farm (2 pages)



Lady Chablis/Club One

Lafayette Square

Laguna Beach

La Jolla, CA

Las Vegas 1/27

La Valencia Hotel

La Verne, CA

Legion of Honor Art Museum 1/27


Vivien Leigh

Lemon Grove, CA

Leopold's (Savannah)

Liberty St. (Savannah)

Little Church of the West

Little Italy (San Diego)

Live Steamers at Griffith Park

Long Beach, CA

Los Altos Hotel & Apts.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles County Arboretum

LA River

Lucas Theatre


Mackinac Island

Madame Tussaud’s

The Magic Castle

Magic Castle Hotel

The Main Line, PA


Mandalay Bay Hotel

Mansion on Forsyth

Marineland, CA

Marion, IN

Marshall House 4/21

Marston House

Steve Martin

Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Massachusetts Ave. (Indy)

Mayflower Park Hotel

Melrose Avenue

Meow Wolf Art Complex

Memphis, TN

Mercer House

MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas

MGM Studio

Miami, Florida


Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil

Millard House

Million Dollar Theater (LA)

Milwaukee, WI

Miraval Arizona 3/29

Mission Hills, CA

Mission Inn, CA

Missions (California)

Mission Carmel Basilica

Mission Dolores 1/27

Mission San Diego

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mission Santa Barbara

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Dolls (see Dolls)

Monterey, California

Monterey Square, Savannah


Mount Rubidoux

Mount Vernon 1/8

Movie Colony Hotel

Movieland Wax Museum

Movie Palaces

Movies & TV 3/29

Mulberry Inn, Savannah

Murfreesboro, TN 3/19

Museum of Neon Art

Musso & Frank Grill


Napa Valley, CA

Nashville, TN 3/19

Naples, Italy

Neon Museum Boneyard Las Vegas

New Mexico Museum of Art

New Orleans

New Orleans Athletic Club

New Orleans City Park

New Orleans: Vintage

New York City

1964 NY World's Fair

Richard Nixon/Nixon Library

North County 12/2

North Hollywood

North Park


Oak Park, IL

Oceana Hotel (Santa Monica)

Ocean Beach


Old Faithful Geyser, Calistoga

Old Town, San Diego

Omni La Costa Resort


Orange County


Orpheum Theater


Pacific/Mission Beach

Palace of Fine Arts

Palmetto Bluff Resort

Palm Springs & Palm Desert 3/13

Pantages Theater

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas


Paso Robles, CA

Peabody Hotel

Pee Wee Herman 2/14

Pet Portraits

Phantom of the Opera (Vegas)

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Phillies

Pink House Restaurant

Pink Taco/Miyagi's/Players'


Plymouth, MA

Point Loma, CA 12/19

Pompeii, Italy


The Presidio 11/9

Elvis Presley


The Queen Mary


Ravello (Italy)

Red Rock Canyon 1/27

Steve Reeves

Burt Reynolds

Reynolds Square

Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Joan Rivers

Richmond, VA

Riverside, CA

Riviera Resort & Spa

Robie House

“The Rocketeer” (1991)

Rome, Italy

Roosevelt Hotel (New Orleans)

Royal Street

Runyon Canyon


St. John's Cathedral (Savannah)

St. Louis Cemetery

St. Louis, MO

Salem, MA

San Antonio, TX 12/7

Salton Sea 3/3

San Diego, CA 12/19

San Diego Padres

San Diego State University

San Diego Zoo

San Francisco, CA 1/27

San Luis Obispo, CA

San Simeon, CA

Santa Ana

Santa Barbara/Solvang

Santa Fe

Santa Fe Train Station

Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica History Museum

Santa Rosa

Santa's Village

Savannah, GA 4/21

Schindler House

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Seattle, WA

Sea World


Self-Realization Fellowship

Sex and the City

Shambala Preserve (see Hedren, Tippi)

Shrine Auditorium (LA)

Silver Oak Winery

Solana Beach (see North County)

Solstice Canyon

Sonoma County Area

Sony Pictures Studio

Sorrento, Italy

South Carolina

South Park

Sowden House

Standard Hotel (Weho)

Star of Indiana

Stillwater, MN


Sunset Boulevard 3/3

Sunset Marquis Hotel

Sunset Tower Hotel


Taliesin West

Telfair Square

Temecula Wine Country, CA

Thompson Beverly Hills Hotel

Shirley Temple 1930s 3/29

Shirley Temple: The Blue Bird 2/3

Shirley Temple 1940s-80s 3/3

Shirley Temple Dolls (see Dolls)

"Titanic" (1997)

Torrey Pines

Travel Town at Griffith Park

Troup Square

Kathleen Turner

Lana Turner

Two Bunch Palms

Tybee Island


Union Station (Indy)

Union Station (LA)

Universal Studios

University Heights

University of PA


US Grant Hotel, San Diego


Valley Forge

Vasquez Rocks

The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

Venice Beach

Villa Montezuma

Villa Royale Inn



W Hotel

Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Family Museum

Warner Brothers Studio

Watts Tower

West Baden Springs Hotel

West Hollywood 11/16

Western Reserve Regional Museum

Westin St. Francis

Westin Pasadena



WGI/Star of Indiana/Blast!

Williams, Arizona


Witch's/Spadena House

Frank Lloyd Wright

Andrew Wyeth Studio